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July 29, 2019 2 min read

This is a collection of original worship songs recorded and performed live in West LA, at a studio spot that my good friend Brian Steckler worked in for some time.  Be Filled overdubs and vocals were done there and James and Rebecca Caggigis album Better Than Life was recorded there as well.  

Brian "Stick" had some beautiful vintage microphones for this recording and we recorded it in a few days.  'Be Ye Kind' was written on a walk during our honey moon up by Applegate Christian Fellowship. I asked Rachel earlier in our travels "should I keep the name of our tiny record company Be Nice Records?"

The next night at the fellowship Jon Courson gave a great bible study on Ephesians 4:32 and there came a moment where he said "Hey folks just plain Be Nice!"  The next morning we had a nice walk and I sang that tune on our walk.  'Beautiful Savior' I wrote actually hearing Allison Krauss singing it in my head as wrote it. During recording Brian and I were getting hungry and were getting excited about hittin' Steve's subs.  When I said we need an old timey sort of thing, something up. I began to play a riff and said we should write a tune about the Lord coming back. Brian agreed.  I got my bible out and we knocked out  'Watching Waiting' before lunch.  'Safe and Sound' is my response to a beautiful worship song I loved to sing at Calvary Downey 'Lord I Come To You Know'.

A song about the presence and forgiveness of God.  'Sinners Prayer' started with the guitar idea I had just as you hear it.  For some reason I was really intimidated by the guitar part,  I said to Rachel there is no words for this riff it's to much for me. She said "yes there is…. The Sinners Prayer."  "oooooooh" I said.  She's rad like that. Weeks later at Maranatha Chapel I heard Ray Bentley lead a crowd of people in a prayer to receive Christ and the lyrics are for the most part Ray's prayer. Thanks Rachel and Ray and thanks again Brian,  I always thought this record sounded really beautiful.