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July 14, 2019 2 min read

Since moving back to LA from Northern California many people in my travels in and out of town would say, "Hey! where's 'Blink Of An Eye' ? I can't find it anywhere on line! It's been one of my favorites through the years" I was shocked people were still spinning it and listening.

Blink Of An Eye was written and recorded between the years 1997-1999.
I met these amazing talented guys Michael Smidi Smith & Brian Steckler at one on my regular gigs. They had come in from Nashville not to long before that and had these sweet recording rigs called “Pro Tools 16bit“(pretty hot stuff around at that time) .

It was at the restraunt ‘The Warehouse’ in Marina Del Ray they asked if I'd like to record. Brian and Smidi opened my eyes to new sounds and ways to record that inspired me to really create in realtime in the studio. There was not alot of stopping to fix gear that was breaking or not synching up. They encouraged and supported me in my production ideas and the songs I was writing. They were extremely generous with their time and talents. They brought much joy in the process of making music.

Blink Of An Eye is actually my second album that followed up my first album Passion Tree which was just guitar, voice with a few accents.

Looking back now a ton was happening around that same time. I was still mourning the loss of my Uncle Mike who was a huge influence and part of my life, I met my wife Rachel during this time. The most radical turning point in my life on August of 1998 I gave my life to Jesus at a church in Downey CA. Two of the songs on this record would take first place in a KRCL songwriting competition in Park City UT. First place hooked me up with an amazing white guitar case i still travel with today and a opening spot at Folk Festival in Park City Utah. One tune "All In Good Time" wound up in a motion picture called 'Duets'. A few years later after playing "Sweet Moon & Tennesse Sky" at the end of an audition with Kenny Loggins, he offered me the gig and i went on tour for over a year. Enjoy!