Solo Worship III was recorded in The Barn behind our house among the giant pines when we lived in Colfax Northern California.   This recording was released in June 1  2007.   It was recorded by having  set up a few microphones in the smaller  tracking room in the Barn and left it set up so any time i felt like recording I could cruise out and record.  Sounds fun cool right but it was actually difficult and kinda lonely.   Thats why during that time we had the Barn most of my recording activity was spent working on other friends records.   Needing ears and a friend to keep me company on this project i invited my friend Aaron Redfield to come up and press record and produce a few songs one being 'Lifted Higher' i played live on a 69 Fender Tele with no amp.   I still play many of these songs live by my self and also blessed to sing them in places where 1000 people join in the praise!