01 Might Be Today                 
02 All and All
03 I'm Sustained
04 Your Love Oh Lord
05 Carry Me
06 God Your So Good
07 Morning Star
08 Empty Me
09 Let Everything That Has Breathe Praise the Lord
10 Sweet Jesus
11 My Should Thirst
12 Jesus the Righteous One
13 Lord, I Believe In You
14 O Lord You Are Beautiful
15 Jesus Draw Me Close  


Solo Worship Notes

This is a collection of some of the songs I played during the time I was leading worship for the high school group at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa.  My dear friends Pat Barnes and Joey Rosek were the pastors at that time.  A hand full of the kids asked if i would record the songs i'd play during our worship time.  Having done a simple  solo guitar and vocal album before, it seemed like a good idea and kept the idea to myself.  Walking through the airport a month or so later with my beautiful wife she stopped and said "I think you should do a record with just you and your guitar singing songs you do with the high schoolers. "    

My friend Dave Minor agreed to record the session at his old house in the valley in LA.  He had a great sounding living room with old wood floors.  He gathered some great old mics and preamps and a tascam DA88 digital recorder. I brought a folder of songs and played and sang and played live in that room.  The sequence of the album is the  order is the random order I pulled the songs out of the folder to record.  I played a custom Stefon Sobel guitar and my old Yamaha acoustic.

This record was recorded in the same months i was working on the Open record.

These are all cover songs with the exception of Sweet Jesus which is the first Jesus song I wrote some time after giving my heart to Christ.