summer back in 'The Barn' 8.15.10

After some time in SoCal we are back in full swing at metro and in the barn as well.   Gia Lucid came to record for a week a few tunes  and finishing mixing a few tunes for her EP project.  Last week Elva Fry flew up from SoCal to begin recording a full length CD.  I think the CD will be called  5 o'clock .  It's been sweet having Elva up recording, The kids love having Elva to play with at the dinner breaks and i know Rachel enjoys the fellowship as well. This CD is is kinda a  modern retro soul  sound that is a call to wake up in the days we are living in. To lift our eyes up to the heavens where our help comes from.  After the first week of some really long hours i think this will be a great CD. I've been learning lots of new things daily about how to capture events of time and inspiration all at the same time of moving in a direction toward the goal of a recording that you wanna hear again and again because it has something to say and sounds good and fresh every listen.   Look for 5 O'clock's  release sometime in the winter.Blessingsd