Steve Grace - Better Days Ahead

The first song played in The Barn was a song called 'Come To Jesus'. Steve Grace hadn't picked up a a guitar for a long while and was visiting the Willers Perry and MaryAnn from Australia. I had met Steve before but it had been a while. It was freezing out in this massive box that we had hoped would be a place to record one day. I will never forget that night. Two years later Steve would come back and record Come To Jesus for the 'Better Days Ahead' project. We use the rhythm section from the Monday night at Metro Calvary band. Timeless simple songs that don't skirt the issue of truth which is Jesus. It’s the best how Steve is not afraid to just say it in a lyric and he is always writing where ever I see him in his blackberry. An evangelist, truck driver, spray painter, and great songwriter. As I write this the Grace family is on the Better Days Ahead tour. Looking forward to the flood of God stories and how the Lord used this cd to encourage the desperate, hurting farmers in the outback of Australia. Since the making of Better Days Ahead the Grace family has taken on a non- profit ministry out of Northern California called World Missions International.