Brazil 2007

It was the last flight that would drop us into our destination and the plane took a gnarly hit. A of bit weather as we descended into Floripa, Brazil. And the young man sitting next to me looked at me and said, "Does that frighten you?" I had no idea he spoke English. He said it was his first time flying. Well we talked about many things from songwriting to dreams he had been having. As the plane landed Regis said that he didn't want to just "know about" Jesus He wanted to know Him in his heart personally. I told him that He can really know Him. All he had to do is believe in his heart on the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him into His heart, and Jesus would come live in his heart, forgive him of everything he's ever done wrong and wash him clean forever. That he can pray at any time and talk to the Lord as he was talking to me. And that Jesus was preparing a place for Him in heaven and he can know this day that he will be in he presence of the Lord if he died today. Regis' face got a big smile and he said over and over, "I believe, I believe! I will never forget this day!" That's the way the trip began and we would run into many Regis' on the trip ahead.After 30 something hours of travel we were scheduled to play at the bar we played last year. Man, we didn't think we could do it. Sean Aaron and myself were really cooked. But as we were setting up we saw Ole and Deborah who gave their hearts to Jesus last year. We were in tears as we saw them in their right mind and them with faces shinning with the love of Jesus still. They were so happy we had come back. The small team from Metro Calvary Roseville loved on people at the pub that night and I know Steve on the team while we were playing, he prayed with a man who wanted to receive Christ as his Lord.The doors to share the love of Jesus opened on all the fronts. Night clubs, maximum security prisons, public high schools and Universities! At every turn, people were very hungry and thirsty and as we shared music and the gospel. It was as if we had given them a pitcher of cold fresh water and there was always a this spirit of "where have you guys been!"The images from the maximum security prisons are etched in my memory forever and many of those men and women, I know will see in heaven one day. We witnessed things many people will never see. At the women's prison we walked through the courtyards, halls of iron bars and had no idea what we were in for. Would we get spit on because we were men? Would we just get booed out of there? I had never played anyplace like this. We sang and at the start the first note out of my mouth the place went crazy! Angry frowns turn to smiles of hope and some hands went up reaching to the sky. Richard shared the gospel message and about eighty percent of all of the women made public commitment for Christ and prayed that day in front of all their inmates to receive the grace of our Lord and the sweet gift of eternal life.At the men's maximum security prison these guys see the sun one hour a week. And during that hour that week we got to play and share with them. The guards kept saying they didn't know how we got in the prison to play. The red tape is huge and no one comes there. Eight years ago there was a riot and guards were killed. A very dark place yet God had other plans for those men and loved them enough to send us 10,000 miles. Guards wept as many brave prisoners gave their hearts to Christ.As I looked at these men and at the women's prison, it was as if I was looking at a picture of my own life, what I mean is the condition of my heart before Christ. That was once me, before Love rescued me at the cross of Jesus. I was in a spiritual prison a slave to my sin, dirty, incapable of washing myself of sins I had committed. Now rescued and happy to be a slave to the One who is Love, Jesus. Full of grace, one who is truth. One who describes Himself as meek and lowly and says "Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." One who wants to save prisoners in Brazil so bad that He orchestrates all the little moving parts to get ten ordinary people, ten thousand miles to deliver His message. The message; Jesus loves you and will wash you of your sins. He has a plan for your life! The God of Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Peter and Paul is alive today and is the same yesterday, today, and forever. As I read the accounts of those men God was not predictable or able to be boxed up. God escorted me to rooms of unbelief in my heart on this trip. Showing me that I need to believe Him for things that I can't see in the natural, or things that don't make sense in the present that He is working out for good. To trust Him with all my heart lean not to my own understanding and acknowledge Him in all my ways and He will direct my path. Brazil 2007 was truly a book of Acts experience. Going back in May hopefully! Thanks to all of those who prayed for us and prayed for all of the beautiful people we ministered to on that trip. I pray that you're encouraged by. Jesus say's "I will never leave you or forsake you". I'm so stoked, the God of the universe calls us friend and loves us and at one time or another sent Christians on the paths we walked, to share the Love, grace and truth of Christ. "If today you hear his voice harden not your heart"!Love dD[gallery=3]