Elva Frye Sessions in The BaRn

Elva at the Barn 1 from danny DONNELLY on Vimeo.

That's Elva Frye rocking a glockenspiel part on a song called 'Kindness' on her new CD 'Five O' clock'.  The month of August we've been pulling crazy hours in The Barn capturing Elva's batch of new songs.  Looking forward to these song making the way home soon.  Approaching the end game of the project some last overdubs and then the mix.  Explored some uncharted territory in the area of production.  We've been trying to keep it a cool old school soul vibe with traces of R&B,  African rhythms and an Orchestral track 'Will You Go'.   Stay tuned for more on Elva's project. dD

summer back in 'The Barn' 8.15.10

After some time in SoCal we are back in full swing at metro and in the barn as well.   Gia Lucid came to record for a week a few tunes  and finishing mixing a few tunes for her EP project.  Last week Elva Fry flew up from SoCal to begin recording a full length CD.  I think the CD will be called  5 o'clock .  It's been sweet having Elva up recording, The kids love having Elva to play with at the dinner breaks and i know Rachel enjoys the fellowship as well. This CD is is kinda a  modern retro soul  sound that is a call to wake up in the days we are living in. To lift our eyes up to the heavens where our help comes from.  After the first week of some really long hours i think this will be a great CD. I've been learning lots of new things daily about how to capture events of time and inspiration all at the same time of moving in a direction toward the goal of a recording that you wanna hear again and again because it has something to say and sounds good and fresh every listen.   Look for 5 O'clock's  release sometime in the winter.Blessingsd

Listening Note

Listening Note: These are some CDs of friends have produced. Many produced here in in the Barn" Northern California and some in Southern California.  These artist below can be heard on KBRN the radio on the home page .  You can find them at their website or itunes as well.

Sherri Youngward 'She Looks To Sky'

This recording started with some humble recordings that went to Russia on a women's annual missions trip .  Sherri is always introducing friends to friends and the result is creating friendships beautiful music and its really fun being of like mind with musicians.  Wether in Seattle, Oregon, So Cal we all get to play a part  working  on these beautiful songs.  The songs on this cd range from Sherri playing a tiny guitar by the window window in here apartment to a full on orchestra.    Visit  www.sherriyoungward.com to listen and support,  you get a cd or go to itunes and download.

More Spring ...More Love ...More Grace ...More Music.

"Yes today the sun is coming back its spring". We keep saying that then the next day it rains or even snows.  Rachel and I are ready for some sunshine.  I know it's round the bend.  This picture was taken on my new camera on one of the sunny days that came to visit us for a day.I've been working on a new tune in the Barn this week called 'To The Uttermost Part' . "Touch the untouchable, love the unloveable,  pour over the uttermost part. Start in the uttermost part of me."  This season I'm challenged by the love of God more than ever.  It seems like the more I learn of who God is in light of what the bible speaks of love, I see more day after day  i don't have it! Only He has it.   Yet I know from God's Word,  God desires to pour out His spirit upon His kids. To fill us with all we need to not only be comforted but to help us comfort others by sharing the love of Christ  who is our only hope and the only true peace available to man.  The song 'Kiss of Grace' featured on the website here has a line in it "To walk us through fire unburned with no hate, I've been thinking about Love and the kiss of grace."  How deep the Fathers love when we see the wickedness of man and the events happening in the world and I find myself  stirred in rage against the evil and yet the God says " dannyD 'I so loved the world and I gave my only son you whosoever believeth (that's including you d!) in me should not perish but have everlasting life.   More unbelief is revealed in me.Where do i learn this love?  From the one who is LOVE!  Feels like the 1st day of school again today in the school of love.    The song in my head is Kiss of Grace.I love my kids.  I love to kiss my kids even after they do something rebellious.  But even after track em down pick them up,  they still have the choice to  receive my Kiss of Grace.  Me too with my heavenly Dad I have to receive it.  Lessons in humility is what these songs have been for me I guess.   A hunger for that  is what these songs are stirring up in me and it's my prayer for the listeners.I'm stoked on these new tunes.  Thanks to my friend Robbie Jeffers gave me this vintage Gretch drum kit. It's been a real blast to play in the studio.  Some really fun sounding new preamps have made there way into the Barn.  Skip Simmons a new friend who restored and modified som old RP2 Bogen amps are a big sound on these new tunes.Stay tuned for 'Desert Land' and 'Uttermost Part.'Love  dD

PBR outreach 11.8.09

It was a sweet time with all the people that came out the morning of the Pro Bull Riding Finals  to worship the Lord and hear from His Word.  Our friend Pastor Todd Pierce brought the Word to about 600 people that showed up in the parking lot of Mandalay Bay and i got to lead worship.  It was real sweet to minister Pastor Todd and be able to sing with his sweet wife Leslie.  Many folks made commitments to the Lord that morning to be set apart and live for Christ in these crazy days we are living.  The message to not be conformed to to this world but be transformed by the renewing of their mind touched not only the hearts of those in the parking lot but mine as well .  Check out www.RidingHighMinistries.org


dd_happily-undone-coverThe Happily Undone EP is fresh studio recordings of songs I've been playing live for a bit and also a few that are only a few weeks old.   This EP will grow into a full length album.  Not sure of the name yet :-)

Enjoy !  dD

HAPPILY UNDONE is Produced, recorded and all instruments played by Danny Donnelly. (title track features Jon Button on 1963 hofner bass)

Brazil 2006

In my heart I thought, "We need more people to pull this trip off. The full band and a great portable PA and who's gonna help carry it through the busy schedule? And man there's no way the airlines will let us on with these 130lb cases." The list went on in those pathetic cries of unbelief, and I was making myself literally sick on a daily basis a month before we left. But I love how God is faithful even when we are not. Up to the days after we were suppose to leave, only 4 of us including Pastor Richard Cimino received visas to actually go to Brazil. Aaron Redfield (drums), Sean Cimino (voice/guitar), myself and Richard. We were the crew. 4 guys. There would be no PA, no bass player, no person to run the sound. It reminds me of a story in the Old Testament of a man named Gideon. God said to Gideon before a battle where the odds where already looking grim, "Gideon, you have too many men Gideon." And, so, too with us. God said, "Hey boys, you have too many men. I just need 4 of you”. By faith we stepped out to see what He would do, and we saw the miracles of Salvation and many many seeds planted that to this day are being watered. The trip to Brazil was a defining moment for me personally, as God continued to redeem things in my life for His Glory. I found myself playing old U2 songs and Police tunes. Songs like 'Bridge Over Trouble Water' and 'Message In A Bottle' in a pub while Bible college students loved on the people by opening the Word and sharing the good news of Jesus while we played. The good news that if you trust with all your heart in only Jesus and what He did on the cross to pay the price for all the sin and stuff you've done that hurt Him, others and yourself, He will come into your heart and wash every sin away you have ever committed the ones of yesterday, today, and ones that will be done tomorrow as well. And that's the relationship of love that we've always ached for and is only found in the person of Jesus Christ. It's a gift that we receive and can't work to earn. In receive through faith that gift life gets exciting. Your cup overflows because you want to live for the one who loves you so much and has given you Himself, the gift of eternal life. After meeting many Braizian's I saw where they are so rich in kindness and politeness and I also saw a harvest of souls just aching for the hope of heaven that is available in Christ. Pray for our outreach in October 2007... for more info www.metrocalvary.org[gallery=2]

Brazil 2007

It was the last flight that would drop us into our destination and the plane took a gnarly hit. A of bit weather as we descended into Floripa, Brazil. And the young man sitting next to me looked at me and said, "Does that frighten you?" I had no idea he spoke English. He said it was his first time flying. Well we talked about many things from songwriting to dreams he had been having. As the plane landed Regis said that he didn't want to just "know about" Jesus He wanted to know Him in his heart personally. I told him that He can really know Him. All he had to do is believe in his heart on the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him into His heart, and Jesus would come live in his heart, forgive him of everything he's ever done wrong and wash him clean forever. That he can pray at any time and talk to the Lord as he was talking to me. And that Jesus was preparing a place for Him in heaven and he can know this day that he will be in he presence of the Lord if he died today. Regis' face got a big smile and he said over and over, "I believe, I believe! I will never forget this day!" That's the way the trip began and we would run into many Regis' on the trip ahead.After 30 something hours of travel we were scheduled to play at the bar we played last year. Man, we didn't think we could do it. Sean Aaron and myself were really cooked. But as we were setting up we saw Ole and Deborah who gave their hearts to Jesus last year. We were in tears as we saw them in their right mind and them with faces shinning with the love of Jesus still. They were so happy we had come back. The small team from Metro Calvary Roseville loved on people at the pub that night and I know Steve on the team while we were playing, he prayed with a man who wanted to receive Christ as his Lord.The doors to share the love of Jesus opened on all the fronts. Night clubs, maximum security prisons, public high schools and Universities! At every turn, people were very hungry and thirsty and as we shared music and the gospel. It was as if we had given them a pitcher of cold fresh water and there was always a this spirit of "where have you guys been!"The images from the maximum security prisons are etched in my memory forever and many of those men and women, I know will see in heaven one day. We witnessed things many people will never see. At the women's prison we walked through the courtyards, halls of iron bars and had no idea what we were in for. Would we get spit on because we were men? Would we just get booed out of there? I had never played anyplace like this. We sang and at the start the first note out of my mouth the place went crazy! Angry frowns turn to smiles of hope and some hands went up reaching to the sky. Richard shared the gospel message and about eighty percent of all of the women made public commitment for Christ and prayed that day in front of all their inmates to receive the grace of our Lord and the sweet gift of eternal life.At the men's maximum security prison these guys see the sun one hour a week. And during that hour that week we got to play and share with them. The guards kept saying they didn't know how we got in the prison to play. The red tape is huge and no one comes there. Eight years ago there was a riot and guards were killed. A very dark place yet God had other plans for those men and loved them enough to send us 10,000 miles. Guards wept as many brave prisoners gave their hearts to Christ.As I looked at these men and at the women's prison, it was as if I was looking at a picture of my own life, what I mean is the condition of my heart before Christ. That was once me, before Love rescued me at the cross of Jesus. I was in a spiritual prison a slave to my sin, dirty, incapable of washing myself of sins I had committed. Now rescued and happy to be a slave to the One who is Love, Jesus. Full of grace, one who is truth. One who describes Himself as meek and lowly and says "Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." One who wants to save prisoners in Brazil so bad that He orchestrates all the little moving parts to get ten ordinary people, ten thousand miles to deliver His message. The message; Jesus loves you and will wash you of your sins. He has a plan for your life! The God of Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Peter and Paul is alive today and is the same yesterday, today, and forever. As I read the accounts of those men God was not predictable or able to be boxed up. God escorted me to rooms of unbelief in my heart on this trip. Showing me that I need to believe Him for things that I can't see in the natural, or things that don't make sense in the present that He is working out for good. To trust Him with all my heart lean not to my own understanding and acknowledge Him in all my ways and He will direct my path. Brazil 2007 was truly a book of Acts experience. Going back in May hopefully! Thanks to all of those who prayed for us and prayed for all of the beautiful people we ministered to on that trip. I pray that you're encouraged by. Jesus say's "I will never leave you or forsake you". I'm so stoked, the God of the universe calls us friend and loves us and at one time or another sent Christians on the paths we walked, to share the Love, grace and truth of Christ. "If today you hear his voice harden not your heart"!Love dD[gallery=3]

Metro Calvary, Roseville, CA

1.3.2008This week at metro we miss Roby Duke. Who went to be with the Lord last week. Roby recently had just come to play at Metro and spend some time with the Cimino family. I finally got to meet Roby and spend time with him at the church and really had some great talks. He will be greatly missed. It felt like we could have hung out for days. If you have never heard Roby play just search for him on the internet and take a listen and you will be blessed and encouraged. That is Roby playing in the photo with Richard sitting watching.New Years Eve was a sweet at Metro. What a great turn out that night. We worshiped Jesus in song, fellowship and diggin into His Word. Larry Tagg and I shared some original tunes after the break. Larry shared an amazing song called Row Boat it is an older tune of Larry's and was a real highlight of the night. I shared some new tunes that have been cooking up for the new record. A great night for sure.January 2, 2008 Pastor Rich called a day of prayer and fasting. 6:00 am the church was packed and we prayed for our kids, our marriages, for our country and it's leadership. For the leadership of the church and for God's love, mercy and grace for the year ahead. The Spirit of the Lord moved that morning. We are having another day of pray and fasting in Feb. So stay tuned on www.metrocalvary.org1.21.08I'm excited for what is ahead for Metro 2008, In the area of broadcasting the Word as much as often and as many ways as possible. Just had a sweet visit with our friends from Kenya who broadcast the Through The Word program to a potential 8 million listeners. They shared testimonies with us of many who text in and share how God is using the teaching of the bible to change lives and families. Please pray for Bob, Ann, Martin and Marsha in Kenya, for the practical needs and for there protection spiritually and physically.Also in 2008 we would love to begin capturing the worship service on audio and making it available in electronic download and cd format.Short term mission trips are ahead for Metro missions. Brazil being one of them. I'm stoked to see what God is doing in and through Metro in Brazil. Check out the TV on the right corner of this site and click Brazil 2007 to see just some images of our trip.For service times at Metro and bible studies podcast visit www.metrocalvary.org[gallery=6]


Revelation 4:11 "For Thou art worthy oh Lord to receive glory and honor, for Thou has created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created."When I come out to work I marvel at what God has done and allows me to be a part of. The pallet of instruments to create music on are truly above and beyond anything I would have ever dreamed up on my own. Thank you Jesus for all of it may it be a sweet sound in Your ear. May many come to know you and draw close to you through it all.My favorite guitar in The Barn is still the guitar my parents bought we I was 7 or 8 years old. It's an old prototype Yamaha Acoustic my mother bought at a garage sale in the Yamaha parking lot when she worked there. I almost retired it, but finally decided to bring it to Norik Renson. (Later on he happened to be my tech on the on the Loggin's tour.) He loved on it and made it really great and doing the Buzz Feiton tuning mod to it really dialed in the tuning issues. It's one of the best sounding acoustics I've heard. My favorite recording of this guitar to date is on the Sherri Youngward album 'These Things Don't Change'. It's the song called 'The Way To Joy'. I cut it stereo with a 251 (Soundelux) and Royer 121 (ribbon mic).I find my self these days borrowing small sometimes really cheap acoustics that may sound funky at first listen but when tuned up and stuck infront of the right mic, yeha! I traded my Gibson J45 for a few days with a kid named Michael from the church while working on Dianna Waddell's record. His parents were suspicious.I have a basket of percussion instruments that is growing. I love the tambourine these days. Speaking of tambourines, if you haven't heard the Innocence Mission CD you should plan a day off, load your iPod with 'As We Walked In Song'. Go to your favorite coffee joint, grab a cup and head out to some place mellow. Take a walk or sit and people watch. I miss the beach. On days I just can't do any more and I'm cooked. I just sit and read or look at my kids in a chair Ella will be swimming on the deck and I'll just listen to Innocence Mission all day.The Marshall's in the picks are from the 'Be Filled' sessions where most electric guitars were re-amped. That's where I played into the recorder (computer) then later I took the direct guitar recorded and send it back out through my pedal board and to the amp of choice. So weird because I was hearing myself play through the amp while I was placing mics. Really fun way to produce guitars.Two instruments that came from Oma and Opas (Grandma & Grandpa) is the new pump Organ well I think the think is from the early early 1900's and an really old Italian accordion. I've always loved the sound of Ennio Morricone's scores when he would pull out the old accordion. The accordion is featured on the new Steve Grace cd 'Better Days Ahead' and Sherri Youngward's 'These Things Don't Change' cd on a song called 'Draw Me Near'. The pump organ just got here so you'll hear it soon enough.For you Recording geeks and techies - as far as computers go, it's all Mac. If it wasn't, I probably wouldn't be recording projects for others or my own stuff, apart from a hand held recorder. And the only thing I'd use a computer for at that point would be for Microsoft Office. For me personally I need things to work and when there is bumps in the creative process and time is ticking away because a computer or it's software glitching, I just get tweeked out and get in the flesh. I speak from experience, I grew up recording on pc's and just wound up giving it away or I think most of it wound up in the dumpster behind my apartment in Glendale, California. So, if you're a young musician creative type wondering what my opinion is about a building a recording rig and want to actually save money in the long run, make more music and make better use of the very little time we have in this short life. You know where I stand. So Weird, just wanted to say I use Mac.We use Protools HD. My favorite plug-ins these days I'd have to say is Compressor/Filter Bank by McDSP, Phoenix by Cranesong, Real Tape by digi, Chandler (Abbey Road) Comp/Limiter, Massey Mastering Limiter. Smack by Digi, Echo Farm, for eq's: Massenburg and newest Digi eq.My Favorite mic preamp is my old Ampex 350. I literally use it for everthing depending on the song or nature of vibe I'm going for. Great on bass, a retro vocal, acoustic guitar. And for drums (the elam mic in front of kit about 6') thanks Mitch Dane for the tip. Just about anything.Feel free to email with ideas about this page. The blog page is good for that too.[gallery=7]


I love the Word of God. The Bible. And the Word really became alive to me as Rachel Ella and I walked where it all happened and where things will continue to happen. It's where God gave Abraham the land it's where Jesus died and rose again, it's where He will return with the church one day (actually right behind where Steve Grace and I are playing on the Mount of Olives there behind us the east gate of the old city), where the new temple will be built one day; as you can see that great picture that Perry Willer took of the Jewish family gazing upon the manora that is prepared for the new temple. There are even priest being trained today for the duties that will take place in the temple for sacrifice and atonement for sin just like in Leviticus. The Bible said that it will happen and we are seeing and feeling the birth pains of that day approaching.Ella was amazing on the trip. She was all smiles on our tight scheduled trip and so much so it was odd but we didn't mind. I think she liked that she didn't have to be in a car seat for two weeks.The picture of Steve and I playing guitars on Mount of Olives is him and I leading the group in some worship songs. The spiritual warfare was thick. It was Passover and the place was a mad house below us. During worship there was this horrifying sound. It was the Islamic prayers that happen throughout the day over loudspeakers. They turn them up extra loud during Passover just to upset the Jews. Many who have traveled from all over the planet to come home to worship the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob. Yahweh, the true and living God.If your reading this and are one to think Israel is the bad guy as the media in America would portray. I urge you to really consider the facts and think it out again. It's just not so. I've been there. An exhaustive study of the history of Israel in and of itself no matter who you are will actually provide a great argument for the existence of God. They are a people who's land is the size of San Bernadino county and are just fighting for there existence protecting themselves from a movement that seeks world domination. Would you join me in praying against the forces of evil that seek to kill, steal and destroy Israel, America and anyone who doesn't bow the knee to Islam. It's already here. Many of our Universities our media for sure has bowed to it and are clueless to the threat. May we not be asleep in America to the threat on our rights and the freedoms we have to pursuit God who has blessed this great nation and it's future and what we leave our children. The environment will be our last concern if blinders aren't taken off to the reality of the threat. As the Church, people who have put our hope and trust in Christ we need to Pray. Pray, Pray. Who else will?Well all that said, can't wait to go back to Israel, we missed the last trip with Metro Calvary but looking forward to 2008.For more info on Israel and the threat of Islam, please go to www.metrocalvary.org or www.calvarycch.org and listen, read and watch what's really going on! [gallery=5]

School of Worship

Before Rachel, Ella and I moved up to Northern California, every Wednesday morning I would teach music theory and applied theory at the School Of Worship at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. Now that we are up in Northern California Scott Cunningham thought hey we should do the Masters Summit up in the Barn.It's basically a retreat for those feel called to the music ministry. A day consist of devotions, music classes, times of worship, bible study, Selah times of reflection and journal entry. First class meals are prepared by Rachel and the some of the sisters from the Metro fellowship.The class of 2007 was so diverse ranging from students in the area of children's worship and a wide range of gifting in many styles of music that will break away into areas of ministry that are creative and reach people that would other wise not be reached or encouraged and told that Jesus loves them.Pray for the students in the school of worship for this year coming up 2008 and there week at the Barn. I'm looking forward to our time together I know God has great things planned for us.[gallery=4]