Sherri Youngward - These Things Don't Change - 2007

I remember and will never forget the day Sherri pulled her little journal out when I asked her what she had for songs. She grabbed her Gibson and played 'I love how'. I really didn’t know how to respond, as I looked behind her through the control room window at the tall hundred year old pines trees. Then I asked myself Lord how is it that I get to record this song. I then picked my jaw off the ground and then trying to act not to moved asked her to play another one. I think she played Draw Me Near. At that point I needed Coffee or food an excuse to stop and knew at that moment I was in for it. Some of my favorite recorded moments I've had the privilege of being a part of, are captured on this cd. Our family has fallen in love with Sherri, who she is and how our Savior Jesus shines through her.