More Spring ...More Love ...More Grace ...More Music.

"Yes today the sun is coming back its spring". We keep saying that then the next day it rains or even snows.  Rachel and I are ready for some sunshine.  I know it's round the bend.  This picture was taken on my new camera on one of the sunny days that came to visit us for a day.I've been working on a new tune in the Barn this week called 'To The Uttermost Part' . "Touch the untouchable, love the unloveable,  pour over the uttermost part. Start in the uttermost part of me."  This season I'm challenged by the love of God more than ever.  It seems like the more I learn of who God is in light of what the bible speaks of love, I see more day after day  i don't have it! Only He has it.   Yet I know from God's Word,  God desires to pour out His spirit upon His kids. To fill us with all we need to not only be comforted but to help us comfort others by sharing the love of Christ  who is our only hope and the only true peace available to man.  The song 'Kiss of Grace' featured on the website here has a line in it "To walk us through fire unburned with no hate, I've been thinking about Love and the kiss of grace."  How deep the Fathers love when we see the wickedness of man and the events happening in the world and I find myself  stirred in rage against the evil and yet the God says " dannyD 'I so loved the world and I gave my only son you whosoever believeth (that's including you d!) in me should not perish but have everlasting life.   More unbelief is revealed in me.Where do i learn this love?  From the one who is LOVE!  Feels like the 1st day of school again today in the school of love.    The song in my head is Kiss of Grace.I love my kids.  I love to kiss my kids even after they do something rebellious.  But even after track em down pick them up,  they still have the choice to  receive my Kiss of Grace.  Me too with my heavenly Dad I have to receive it.  Lessons in humility is what these songs have been for me I guess.   A hunger for that  is what these songs are stirring up in me and it's my prayer for the listeners.I'm stoked on these new tunes.  Thanks to my friend Robbie Jeffers gave me this vintage Gretch drum kit. It's been a real blast to play in the studio.  Some really fun sounding new preamps have made there way into the Barn.  Skip Simmons a new friend who restored and modified som old RP2 Bogen amps are a big sound on these new tunes.Stay tuned for 'Desert Land' and 'Uttermost Part.'Love  dD