Brooks Brewer - Road Trip

This was the first record we made in the Barn. Recording Brooks was a true joy and I love the fact that the Lord gave us lots of snow at those winter sessions. We even wrote a song about the winter snow that made it on the record. I met Brooks through the Willer and Coomler family. He is the worship leader for the PBRO (Professional Bull Rider's Outreach). At the big events the pastor and some riders on the tour hold church services and they really pack out and thousands have made commitments to the Lord Jesus Christ at these event. The most recent event at the PBR finals in Las Vegas the passed out 15,000 dvds of pro bull riders who share there testimonies and how they came to Christ and there is an invitation on it. Brooks, his wife Stephanie, Todd Pierce and Cody Custer and many of these riders are the real deal and are charging it for Jesus. I love this record and Brooks voice and the anointing on his life shines through. So, many cool God stories surrounding this one. I'd much rather hear him sing Beautiful Savior than me ;-) I'll just play the guitar Brooks!