8.3.09 dannyDONNELLY NEW SINGLE 'KISS OF GRACE' coming soon

On one of the trips down to So Cal I wrote 'Kiss of Grace'.   The car has always been a hot spot for songwriting.  A picture of  God's grace looking back to my past in tasting and seeing God's grace and the desperate need for the dose of it today and the reality of promises of His grace available to us no matter what lies ahead. On the way out to the studio I saw some records and a record player in the closet.  I threw a few of Ella's LP's under my arms reached for the record player and went out and cut the song.  Hope you enjoy it.   dD



Sherri Youngward back in the Barn!!

Sherri has been recording some new music in the Barn.  This round of recordings I am challenged on many different fronts from arrangement and handling the content and weight of the songs themselves. Excited to hear them and see them in the hands and hearts of many. dD




dd_happily-undone-coverThe Happily Undone EP is fresh studio recordings of songs I've been playing live for a bit and also a few that are only a few weeks old.   This EP will grow into a full length album.  Not sure of the name yet :-)

Enjoy !  dD

HAPPILY UNDONE is Produced, recorded and all instruments played by Danny Donnelly. (title track features Jon Button on 1963 hofner bass)

limited run of boutique hand written-on cd's by dannyD only 300 hand made.  They are almost gone!!

HERE IS LOVE. the monday night band


3.4.2009 HERE IS LOVE

'Here Is Love'  is released on dropcards and will be available on Itunes and here at www.dannydonnelly.com in the new store.  The new store will offer 'Here is Love'  in digital download in the next week or so and in CD format hopefully around the end of the month.

I am so excited about these recordings.  Many people i think have maybe thought I fell off the face of the earth the last few years. But this is a good taste of what I've been up to along with all of  about 8 other CD projects I've been producing for friends, serving as an assistant pastor at Metro Calvary, traveling and spending sweet time with my love Rachel and two amazing little ones,  Ella and Miles.

The Monday Night Band is the band that has led worship every Monday evening at Metro Calvary in Roseville CA. for the past four or five years.  It was my desire to capture the band in a way that would sound in it's live spontaneous  feel yet up close.  I've always loved the sound of the old Motown records and how they sounded like they were having such a gas recording.  Well we went for it.  I began pulling up tones in the studio one day to try and capture that sound and recorded a tune called Someday.  And then sometime rolled by and I pulled some friends into help from the fellowship . People like Tara Guy, Brian Helvick, Dave Wilbur to help in the set ups and pressing the record button to try and capture this up close old school thang.  When the band arrived we were ready to press record with tones up  (after Rachel cooked an amazing meal of course) and we were super blessed to catch some great moments of worship up close.

In the spirit of a soundtrack this album has some pieces of spoken Word by Pastor Richard Cimino captured on Monday Nights.  With some other tracks  I captured  together with Sean Cimino  who comes up and leads worship often when I'm out of town.  I love re-working hymns at metro with the band and I could really hear  Seans voice speaking into the depths of  a hymn called Just As I Am.  Just one of the many many sweet moments of this labour of love.  This album has 18 tracks!!  I'm not a fan of long records but again I think of this album as more of a soundtrack.

Enjoy ! Stay tuned for an official podcast that is about 25 min long containing interviews and more about the Here is Love album and the recording of it.  You will be able to  listen and download  here on www.dannydonnelly.com or  in itunes.  Enjoy love dD

LIFE    ' little melody'   version 1.0


NEW RELEASE LIFE 'little melody' version 1.0 is a living album that will grow for as long as I'm playing and recording.  How it will work is this.  If you buy LIFE version 1.0 you only need the upgrade as new songs and art are added.  We are already planing for LIFE version 1.5 which will be five more tunes.LIFE 'little melody' version 1.0 . It is called LIFE ' little melodies' for a few reasons. Here are a few for ya1. The vision for this album came to me during a time of prayer at a New Life Pregnancy Center benefit event and I had the desire to make an album that would benefit the New Life centers in Rocklin and Auburn. In fact track one is called The Maker's Workshop.  It's the only track with lyrics.  The Maker's Workshop is a song written in the perspective of the unborn baby to his mom.  I wrote the song coming home from a Monday Night bible study in the car.2. This is music that can played during anytime of life. Bedtime, doing chores, nap time, driving time, reading time, while cooking, or when you have company over. A majority of the cd are melodic sketches. Soundscapes for Life.3.   Inspired by LIFE as i know it with my little ones I decided  to play all the smallest instruments I have in my studio for the melodies on LIFE version 1.0. Instruments like the clarinet, chromatic harmonica, ukulele, mandolin and melodica to name a few.  Super Fun!!As I listen to these sketches of music, I began to notice these little sketches of music possess a bit of an ache to them. Each day standing under the water falls of blessings,  I still sense day and night the 'blue' that says,  "there must be more".   And I am reminded truly there is so much more ahead. Heaven is ahead. So I guess these snapshots of music will have some shades of sweet blue to them as so often my song is just a blues for a homesick believer.I marvel at Gods Word in Ephesians 2:10. The verse in the bible  where  God calls us His 'workmanship'. His Poema (greek for poem).  His songs.  His 'little melodies'. And how He desires us to walk in harmony together in tune with the One who sounded the True note.  The concert Master of Life.  Jesus.Grace and PeacedD