I love the Word of God. The Bible. And the Word really became alive to me as Rachel Ella and I walked where it all happened and where things will continue to happen. It's where God gave Abraham the land it's where Jesus died and rose again, it's where He will return with the church one day (actually right behind where Steve Grace and I are playing on the Mount of Olives there behind us the east gate of the old city), where the new temple will be built one day; as you can see that great picture that Perry Willer took of the Jewish family gazing upon the manora that is prepared for the new temple. There are even priest being trained today for the duties that will take place in the temple for sacrifice and atonement for sin just like in Leviticus. The Bible said that it will happen and we are seeing and feeling the birth pains of that day approaching.Ella was amazing on the trip. She was all smiles on our tight scheduled trip and so much so it was odd but we didn't mind. I think she liked that she didn't have to be in a car seat for two weeks.The picture of Steve and I playing guitars on Mount of Olives is him and I leading the group in some worship songs. The spiritual warfare was thick. It was Passover and the place was a mad house below us. During worship there was this horrifying sound. It was the Islamic prayers that happen throughout the day over loudspeakers. They turn them up extra loud during Passover just to upset the Jews. Many who have traveled from all over the planet to come home to worship the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob. Yahweh, the true and living God.If your reading this and are one to think Israel is the bad guy as the media in America would portray. I urge you to really consider the facts and think it out again. It's just not so. I've been there. An exhaustive study of the history of Israel in and of itself no matter who you are will actually provide a great argument for the existence of God. They are a people who's land is the size of San Bernadino county and are just fighting for there existence protecting themselves from a movement that seeks world domination. Would you join me in praying against the forces of evil that seek to kill, steal and destroy Israel, America and anyone who doesn't bow the knee to Islam. It's already here. Many of our Universities our media for sure has bowed to it and are clueless to the threat. May we not be asleep in America to the threat on our rights and the freedoms we have to pursuit God who has blessed this great nation and it's future and what we leave our children. The environment will be our last concern if blinders aren't taken off to the reality of the threat. As the Church, people who have put our hope and trust in Christ we need to Pray. Pray, Pray. Who else will?Well all that said, can't wait to go back to Israel, we missed the last trip with Metro Calvary but looking forward to 2008.For more info on Israel and the threat of Islam, please go to or and listen, read and watch what's really going on! [gallery=5]