Brazil 2006

In my heart I thought, "We need more people to pull this trip off. The full band and a great portable PA and who's gonna help carry it through the busy schedule? And man there's no way the airlines will let us on with these 130lb cases." The list went on in those pathetic cries of unbelief, and I was making myself literally sick on a daily basis a month before we left. But I love how God is faithful even when we are not. Up to the days after we were suppose to leave, only 4 of us including Pastor Richard Cimino received visas to actually go to Brazil. Aaron Redfield (drums), Sean Cimino (voice/guitar), myself and Richard. We were the crew. 4 guys. There would be no PA, no bass player, no person to run the sound. It reminds me of a story in the Old Testament of a man named Gideon. God said to Gideon before a battle where the odds where already looking grim, "Gideon, you have too many men Gideon." And, so, too with us. God said, "Hey boys, you have too many men. I just need 4 of you”. By faith we stepped out to see what He would do, and we saw the miracles of Salvation and many many seeds planted that to this day are being watered. The trip to Brazil was a defining moment for me personally, as God continued to redeem things in my life for His Glory. I found myself playing old U2 songs and Police tunes. Songs like 'Bridge Over Trouble Water' and 'Message In A Bottle' in a pub while Bible college students loved on the people by opening the Word and sharing the good news of Jesus while we played. The good news that if you trust with all your heart in only Jesus and what He did on the cross to pay the price for all the sin and stuff you've done that hurt Him, others and yourself, He will come into your heart and wash every sin away you have ever committed the ones of yesterday, today, and ones that will be done tomorrow as well. And that's the relationship of love that we've always ached for and is only found in the person of Jesus Christ. It's a gift that we receive and can't work to earn. In receive through faith that gift life gets exciting. Your cup overflows because you want to live for the one who loves you so much and has given you Himself, the gift of eternal life. After meeting many Braizian's I saw where they are so rich in kindness and politeness and I also saw a harvest of souls just aching for the hope of heaven that is available in Christ. Pray for our outreach in October 2007... for more info[gallery=2]