Revelation 4:11 "For Thou art worthy oh Lord to receive glory and honor, for Thou has created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created."When I come out to work I marvel at what God has done and allows me to be a part of. The pallet of instruments to create music on are truly above and beyond anything I would have ever dreamed up on my own. Thank you Jesus for all of it may it be a sweet sound in Your ear. May many come to know you and draw close to you through it all.My favorite guitar in The Barn is still the guitar my parents bought we I was 7 or 8 years old. It's an old prototype Yamaha Acoustic my mother bought at a garage sale in the Yamaha parking lot when she worked there. I almost retired it, but finally decided to bring it to Norik Renson. (Later on he happened to be my tech on the on the Loggin's tour.) He loved on it and made it really great and doing the Buzz Feiton tuning mod to it really dialed in the tuning issues. It's one of the best sounding acoustics I've heard. My favorite recording of this guitar to date is on the Sherri Youngward album 'These Things Don't Change'. It's the song called 'The Way To Joy'. I cut it stereo with a 251 (Soundelux) and Royer 121 (ribbon mic).I find my self these days borrowing small sometimes really cheap acoustics that may sound funky at first listen but when tuned up and stuck infront of the right mic, yeha! I traded my Gibson J45 for a few days with a kid named Michael from the church while working on Dianna Waddell's record. His parents were suspicious.I have a basket of percussion instruments that is growing. I love the tambourine these days. Speaking of tambourines, if you haven't heard the Innocence Mission CD you should plan a day off, load your iPod with 'As We Walked In Song'. Go to your favorite coffee joint, grab a cup and head out to some place mellow. Take a walk or sit and people watch. I miss the beach. On days I just can't do any more and I'm cooked. I just sit and read or look at my kids in a chair Ella will be swimming on the deck and I'll just listen to Innocence Mission all day.The Marshall's in the picks are from the 'Be Filled' sessions where most electric guitars were re-amped. That's where I played into the recorder (computer) then later I took the direct guitar recorded and send it back out through my pedal board and to the amp of choice. So weird because I was hearing myself play through the amp while I was placing mics. Really fun way to produce guitars.Two instruments that came from Oma and Opas (Grandma & Grandpa) is the new pump Organ well I think the think is from the early early 1900's and an really old Italian accordion. I've always loved the sound of Ennio Morricone's scores when he would pull out the old accordion. The accordion is featured on the new Steve Grace cd 'Better Days Ahead' and Sherri Youngward's 'These Things Don't Change' cd on a song called 'Draw Me Near'. The pump organ just got here so you'll hear it soon enough.For you Recording geeks and techies - as far as computers go, it's all Mac. If it wasn't, I probably wouldn't be recording projects for others or my own stuff, apart from a hand held recorder. And the only thing I'd use a computer for at that point would be for Microsoft Office. For me personally I need things to work and when there is bumps in the creative process and time is ticking away because a computer or it's software glitching, I just get tweeked out and get in the flesh. I speak from experience, I grew up recording on pc's and just wound up giving it away or I think most of it wound up in the dumpster behind my apartment in Glendale, California. So, if you're a young musician creative type wondering what my opinion is about a building a recording rig and want to actually save money in the long run, make more music and make better use of the very little time we have in this short life. You know where I stand. So Weird, just wanted to say I use Mac.We use Protools HD. My favorite plug-ins these days I'd have to say is Compressor/Filter Bank by McDSP, Phoenix by Cranesong, Real Tape by digi, Chandler (Abbey Road) Comp/Limiter, Massey Mastering Limiter. Smack by Digi, Echo Farm, for eq's: Massenburg and newest Digi eq.My Favorite mic preamp is my old Ampex 350. I literally use it for everthing depending on the song or nature of vibe I'm going for. Great on bass, a retro vocal, acoustic guitar. And for drums (the elam mic in front of kit about 6') thanks Mitch Dane for the tip. Just about anything.Feel free to email with ideas about this page. The blog page is good for that too.[gallery=7]