Sessions in LA : Capturing Light

This photo was taken by the amazing Robbie Jeffers in Highland Park area in LA 2016.  It was during the tracking sessions for the Evan Zee album Something Heavenly. 

In pre production I'll sit with the artist we talk we listen to songs and I'll ask a lot of questions and listen a lot we find out what the songs want to be, tempos, melody and harmony tweeks.   We also chat about who is the right personnel for the the sessions bass drums engineer an so on.   This day was filled this those special moments where i got to hear a rhythm section I'vealways wanted to hear on a project together. Aaron Redfield on the Drums and John button on bass Tyler Chester on keys this day too.  When the tones, sounds are up and the crew you heard in your head for that session are laying it down,  loving each other respecting respecting one another giving laying it all out there.  There's is nothing really like it.  There's 'no secret recipe' to a great track .  A great song all the people who are suppose to be there are there,  All the people there aredoing what they love doing with people they love doing it with.  Thanks to Evan for the invite to produce and let me be a part of the songs of 'something Heaveny' and to Aaron, Jon and Tyler.   And to Robbie for Capturing the Light!!    dD

dD studio z session.JPG