I think this is my favorite Sherri recordings.  Sherri's love for the Word mixed with her God given voice and sense of melody walks you into that place of devotion that continues to minister to you long after listening.

I'm excited to see many friends desiring to put God's Word to song.  

Some of my favorite sounds and songs out of the Barn to date  are on Scripture Songs.  This CD is finished and you can find it at  T Bone Burnett once said 'Record softly and play back loud and a whole other thing happens.'  I like that. Thats the spirit of how the stuff recorded in the Barn on this project.  Zach Hodges produced 4 great tracks on Scripture Songs as well.  Check out

SCOTT CUNNINGHAM 'Til The Whole World Heres'I'm super excited about the release of this recorded of songs. Hit up Scott Cunningham on his Myspace to hear some tracks or check out KBARN @ the right of the homepage on this website for a taste of Til the whole world hears. This record was a labor of love for me. I play Scott's songs often in times of worship as do many around the world and I am honored to play a roll in the life of these songs. Join me in praying that these songs would reach hearts and minds of people all over the world who need to know there is shelter. Shelter from the storms that life brings, His name is Jesus. He is : The WAY The TRUTH and The LIFE. May all that are weary and heavy laden come. d